• Edible Streets Project

    The Edible Streets Project increases food production within the city of Berea through the establishment of edible street trees and school and community orchards.

  • Backyard Bees Project

    The Backyard Bees Project increases the population of pollinators, educates and builds a community of bee keepers, and produces local honey.

  • The Sustainable Housing Project

    The Sustainable Housing Project develops designs for low-cost, energy-efficient housing for eastern Kentucky.

  • Machines for Community Sustainability

    Machines for Community Sustainability develops designs for low-cost, locally-buildable machines to support local sustainable economies in Appalachia.

  • The Landscape Restoration Project

    The Landscape Restoration Project contributes to the sustainability of communities in eastern Kentucky through the restoration of degraded landscapes and the resulting increase in ecosystem services and economic opportunities.

Berea College Community Sustainability Laboratory

The Berea College Community Sustainability Laboratory promotes collaborative problem-solving by students, staff and faculty from many disciplines in partnership with communities throughout Kentucky and the Appalachian region. CS-Lab develops innovative technologies, buildings, businesses, and energy and food systems to help communities adapt to global economic, energy and environmental challenges.

CS-Lab provides Berea students with experiential education – learning by doing – in a variety of practical skills while contributing to an increase in the resilience and sustainability of Appalachian communities.

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